Luke Christopher Kelly, born on June 29, 2000, is an amateur sportsman.

At the early age of ten he completed his first relay marathon in Luxemburg. He successfully ran the distance of ten Kilometers together with Fauja Singh, a 100 year old man at that time.
In 2010, Luke Kelly became a member of a regional running club LAZ PUMA Rhein-Sieg (Siegburg, Germany). Under the supervision of it’s running trainer Thomas Eickmann, he prepared for his very first competitions.

At the age of 14, Luke Kelly ran his first half marathon in Cologne in September 2014 (02h 29min 19sec). In the next years he completed not only half-marathons in Berlin, Las Vegas and Bonn, but also the half-marathon in Cologne three times. In Hannover, 2017, he improved his Finishing-Time by almost an hour: 01h 26min 23sec. Luke Kelly ran his first full marathon in Hamburg on April 2018 (03h 14min 51sec), he took first place in his age group (U20).

After more than twenty competitions, Luke Kelly competed in the biggest amateur cycle race in the world, “Race Across America”, as it’s youngest participant ever at the age of 16. He started in a group of four cyclists, named „Next Generation“.

The team consisted of Hubert Schwarz, Felix Schwarz, his father Joey Kelly and himself. They accomplished a distance of more than five thousand Kilometers, from the west coast to the east coast of the United States of America. After 8 days, 9 hours and 24 minutes the team reached the finishing line together.
In addition to his running competitions, Luke Kelly also undertook various challenges in Europe, Northern America and Russia
In addition to expeditions through Israel, Namibia and Tanzania in 2016, he completed his own individual mountain bike challenge: across Iceland on the Sprengisandur highland route, over 255 kilometers within two days.

In 2015 he ascended the highest summit of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters) with his running trainer, Thomas Eickmann.
A special event which is very close to his heart is the RTL charity event.
He has already participated three times and has raised more than one million Euros in donations for charitable purposes together with all teams.
Furthermore he attained two world records.

Luke Kelly holds lectures about his sporting success and his personal motivations, particularly for schools and training organizations.